Experimenting with Higher Education – Daily Nous

A new university is being created by a group of academics and media personalities who, unlike you and the university you work or study at, care about the truth:

And, might I add, they care about it fearlessly:

Featuring a number of figures who have fearlessly quit previous jobs rather than be around people who disagreed with them, the  University of Austin promises to be “fiercely independent—financially, intellectually, and politically,” by being funded via a libertarian think tank.

It will have a physical campus in Austin, Texas, because “it’s good enough for [thinkers as radically different from one another as] Elon Musk and Joe Rogan.”

The full curriculum is still in development, though it appears the university’s first offering will be a summer program entitled “Forbidden Courses”:

You know, this very morning my students and I discussed the value of sex in a good life, the question of whether “incels” and others should have a right to sex, and why this is a question worth asking. In order to cover controversial questions like this, I teach this