Op-ed: Kentucky Education Summit Provides a Clear Path Forward for Education in the Commonwealth – The River City News

The following was Kentucky Board of Education (KBE) Chair Lu Young’s closing remarks at the 2021 Kentucky Education Summit, which took place Nov. 1-2 at the Kentucky International Convention Center.

I have always admired that our Commissioner of Education, Jason E. Glass, often refers to himself as the Commonwealth’s chief learner. As chair of the Kentucky Board of Education (KBE), I also held a similar title while attending the 2021 Kentucky Education Summit – chief listening officer.

As I reflect on those two transformative days in Louisville, I now find myself with pages and pages of notes and inspiring quotes I captured. These notes, coupled with the Kentucky Coalition for Advancing Education’s “United We Learn: Hearing Kentucky’s Voices on the Future of Education” report, are evidence that a powerful path forward for the future of learning in Kentucky has clearly emerged.

That path forward includes a united effort that keeps this dialogue alive as we move headlong into the work of transforming teaching, learning and assessment to reimagine the learner experience for every public school child in Kentucky.

Throughout the summit, I heard so many valuable messages and I want to highlight some of those takeaways as we begin to illuminate our path forward.

To our teacher leaders, engage your students in authentic learning like project-based learning, passion projects, outside-school learning experiences, internships and community service. These richly relevant, high-quality, equitable instructional experiences will prepare them for a new assessment and accountability system designed to inform teacher practice and school performance, not to