Survey: Colorado parents sharply divided along party lines on education opinion – Sentinel Colorado

DENVER | Colorado parents are sharply divided on educational issues such as mask and vaccine mandates and critical race theory, with the split falling heavily along partisan lines, conservative-leaning pollster Magellan Strategies found in a recent survey.

The Colorado-based firm conducted a survey of the state’s parents this month, interviewing a random sample of 516 parents of K-12 students about their opinions on different issues concerning school.

The issues it asked about, such as whether students should be required to wear masks in school, whether teachers should be required to be vaccinated and if critical race theory should be taught in the classroom, have been hot-button topics for months. Across the state, school board meetings have become sites of contention as parents on both sides of the issues came out in force to express their opinions.

The survey found that the sense of division is not an illusion, according to a Tuesday news release publishing the results of the survey. Regarding whether masks should be required for students, 48% of parents agreed and 50% disagreed. When asked whether teachers and staff should be vaccinated, 52% of parents said yes and 45% said no.

Regarding critical race theory, 45% opposed it being taught in schools while 37% were in favor of it. At least 49% of parents were “somewhat or very concerned” that their child would need extra help this school year in at least one core subject area, the survey found.

The results were somewhat more skewed concerning the issues of school