Supreme Court rules against NCAA, says it can’t limit education-related payments – The University Daily Kansan

The Supreme Court ruled against the NCAA in a dispute around whether it could limit educational-related perks made to student athletes in a unanimous decision Monday. The ruling did not address efforts to compensate student athletes for their name and likeness, an issue that the federal government and Kansas legislature have proposals to address.

The NCAA argued the rules put in place to limit educational benefits were necessary to preserve the image of amateurism in college athletics.

The ruling opens the door for football or basketball athletes to receive greater educational benefits, such as graduate school scholarships, paid internships after graduation, computers, musical instruments or other equipment for an athletes education free of charge.

The ruling, however, didn’t address the recent effort to allow for athletes to profit off their name and likeness. In March, the Kansas House of Representatives, in response to the ongoing conversation of paying student athletes,