Human relations education offers best hope for violence prevention – Marshall Independent

We’ve had more than our share of mass shootings in the past year or so, and even one of them is too many.

Every time it happens it leads people to wonder how we could stop it from occurring in other places. One question that comes up is whether we need stricter gun laws.

They should be carefully weighed so as not to place unnecessary obstacles on law abiding gun owners. A gun is a machine like a car or a computer. Its goodness or badness all depends on how it gets used.

If restrictions are enacted, it needs to come with the realization that they won’t stop all shootings. They shouldn’t be viewed as the complete answer.

Many of the shooters have been people who could easily pass a strict background check. There often is nothing in their history to suggest that they’d be a danger to the public. They tend to be described as loners, people who keep to themselves but who aren’t prone to outbursts.

Instead they keep a lot of anger bottled up until they finally lash out. We have to wonder what pushes someone to that point.

It had to have at least partly taken root in the past, probably all the way back in childhood. That’s where the violence prevention needs to start. It needs to be a consideration in early life experiences, both at home and in school.

Human relations studies traditionally haven’t begun until college level pre-professional