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For 14 months now, educators and children have shifted to a variety of remote or blended learning – or none at all if they are among the 16 million school-age children who fall on the wrong side of the digital divide. Even as the country emerges from the pandemic, the effects of the widening education gap will linger well into the future. In fact, closing the student digital divide will require action from Congress to invest $6 billion to $11 billion in the first year alone, according to Common Sense research.

May 14, 202105:35

That’s why Know Your Value and Forbes have teamed up to shine a light on some of the trailblazing women over 50 who are fighting to get the nation’s schools back on track. On Friday, Forbes’ editor and chief content officer Randall Lane, and Know Your Value contributor Daniela Pierre-Bravo joined “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski to discuss the leaders working to improve access to education for 56 million school children. They include:

Anna Maria Chávez, 53: The former CEO of of the Girl Scouts of America was the first women of color to take the helm of the organization in 2011. She implemented programs focused on STEM, financial literacy and science education. In June 2020, she became the executive director and CEO