Legislature to return Wednesday afternoon with light education load – Idaho EdNews

As the Legislature returns to the Statehouse Wednesday, its education policymaking may be all but wrapped for the session.

Some of the hottest debates over education bills – around school budgets and indoctrination in the classroom – have been settled after Gov. Brad Little Monday signed budget bills funding K-12 teacher salaries and public universities. Those two bills were major sticking points that stalled the end of the now record-long session.

Gov. Brad Little

The agenda of the session’s waning days — or hours — was set by Little. On Wednesday, shortly before a 10:35 a.m. deadline, Little signed a divisive property tax reform bill passed in the waning days of the session. But not without reservations.

“I am signing House Bill 389 because it provides some relief to Idaho taxpayers,” Little wrote in a transmittal letter to House Speaker Scott Bedke. “However, I fear the long-term consequences may outweigh this temporary reprieve.”

Previously, Little signed all but one in a batch of bills and resolutions the Legislature passed before recessing last week, including four bills trimming his own executive power.

The Legislature recessed last week and scheduled a Wednesday return, in part, to reserve the right to override any gubernatorial vetoes. With no vetoes to override, Wednesday’s agenda is that much shorter.

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