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The following is Mary Ann Wolf’s “Final Word” from the March 27, 2021 broadcast of Education Matters: “Setting the stage for early childhood development.” 

We often hear teachers and administrators talk about how their students come to their schools with such diverse backgrounds, competencies, and experiences. This is true at all grade levels, but often particularly so in kindergarten, as we recognize that some students have had extensive experiences in social settings or are already reading while others may have only had limited formal education or access to text.

Other students have adverse childhood experiences or may not have yet been exposed to English. This all affects where they are as individuals and students when they enter our schools. As we talked previously in our discussion about early literacy, progress in understanding how a student’s brain works provides us with the opportunity to address the many factors that can support a child to reach their full potential and to understand how to best meet their needs in their academic, social, and emotional learning.

Access to early childhood learning opportunities, care, and supports are key.

High-quality care and learning environments beginning at birth are critical to the success of North Carolina’s children and set the foundation for how they are positioned to succeed in school and