Education, including Leandro, occupies background – EdNC

It was a slow week at the General Assembly itself, but that doesn’t mean important education issues weren’t still burbling in the background.

One of the bigger news items was the release of the comprehensive remedial plan in the long-running Leandro case. That plan includes policy recommendations and funding suggestions to help the state meet its constitutional obligation to provide every student the opportunity for a sound basic education.

Any big spending will have to come from the General Assembly. At the moment, the plan is just that: a plan. A hearing still needs to be set, and the court under Judge David Lee has to accept the plan before anything further can happen.

And then we find out the answer to the million dollar question: are the spending recommendations in the Leandro plan going to remain recommendations, or will they become a court-ordered mandate? And if they do become a mandate, what will lawmakers decide to do? Spend? Sue? Something else? There are a lot of questions that remain to be