New SMART summer program aims to bridge education gap – MSR News Online

Courtesy of Relentless Academy Nicoshia Wynn is in determined to better the educational outcomes of students of color.

Uncertain and trying times can often unearth painful truths. That has certainly been the case with the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused an immense and immeasurable loss of life and exposed gaping systemic racial disparities.

Looking to bridge the education gap is Nicoshia Wynn, who recently announced the launch of Relentless Academy, a youth arts and education summer program designed to address the needs she and her husband discovered when searching for educational summer programs for her kids.

Wynn, a mother of three, was born in Danville, Ill., raised in Milwaukee, and has resided in the Twin Cities since 2006. She recently spoke to the MSR about her motivation and vision for the school, and how the community can get involved.

MSR: How did the idea for Relentless Academy come about?

NW: I went to arts school and was part of Boys and Girls Clubs, all of which—outside of my parents and church—contributed to the person I am today.