Lloyd Brown: Some education spending myths refuse to die – The Capitolist

When I covered the Florida Legislature as a reporter 50 years ago, the biggest battle each year always was over school funding. Nothing has changed.

Special interests advocating higher spending for public schools swarmed all over the Capitol during the session, hammering legislators to pour ever more money into Big Education.

State leaders almost always do, but never enough to suit the education establishment.

This year, with revenues down because of the pandemic, will be no different.

Before I go further, let’s pause to note that there is no relationship between more funding and better education. That is a myth the special interests and their media friends have peddled to Florida residents for years.

They never talk about outputs – how well the kids are being educated. All they want to talk about is inputs – the money.

Why is that important? Because it funds the teacher unions and the teacher union bosses direct billions into the campaign coffers of liberal candidates who can be counted upon to vote for more spending, in a never-ending cycle.

Another trick is to use comparisons with other states that also