Webster County parents express concern about education quality – WBOY.com

WEBSTER SPRINGS, W.Va. – Webster County Board of Education held their regularly scheduled meeting earlier this week where some parents addressed the board about the quality of education their students are receiving because of COVID-19.

Parents raised concerns to BOE members about students not going back to school five days a week and falling behind in course work.

Superintendent, Scott Cochran stated that upon returning to school at the start of the year, the Webster County Board of Education voted to return to a blended instructional model, which, according to documentation, states is phase two of their re-entry plan.

“Overall, it’s just not working. We have waited for Webster County Board of Education to, you know, make an effort, try, and take a step forward, and we are here six months later, and nothing has been done,” said Amanda Dillon, a parent of a Webster Springs Elementary School student.

Parents and guardians have stated that some are struggling with the online virtual learning component while students feel excluded, specifically lacking that one-on-one quality of in-person instruction.

“We’ve never even attempted to take a step in a forward motion. And that is exceptionally frustrating. You know, we have counties in West Virginia that are going five days a week. And their counties, their staff, and students could potentially make up our entire population. Yet with a county so small, we are still struggling,” Dillon said. “Why are we struggling so hard to get on the same track and