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Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s proposed budget calls for an additional $1.55 billion for education. While this was announced on Groundhog Day last week, the Education Law Center noted this news was a departure from the past.

“It’s an exciting, courageous proposal to add $1.55 billion in new dollars to public schools, driven out through the basic education and special education formulas,” said Education Law Center Executive Director Deborah Gordon Klehr. “We are excited to finally see a bold budget aimed at addressing some of the longstanding inequities for which we’ve long advocated!”

School districts are funded by local, state, and federal dollars. However, Pennsylvania ranks 44th in the nation in its percentage share of education money, putting a significant burden on each school district. This is an enormous problem because wealthier towns with higher property values can generate more tax dollars and provide better resources. Some towns try to offset the difference with a higher tax rate, but it’s not enough with the lower property values.

According to PASchoolsWork.org, 75 percent of school districts are expected to raise property taxes, while over a third are reducing or furloughing staff, leading to increased class sizes. And 30 percent are cutting back programs and services – which basically means families are paying more for less.

“We’re getting it wrong in many ways in the state,”